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Our dating consultants will also personally speak to you on the phone to help you coordinate your dates!

We are an accredited company by the Singapore Development Network (SDN), a Singapore government unit.

The agency has offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Thailand, and we have been featured over 600 times by the media.

Our CEO, Violet Lim, is a Certified Matchmaker from the New York Matchmaking Institute.

Our goal is to bring singles around to chat and have fun 24 hours of the day.

” Do you struggle with running out of things to say while flirting with a girl?

Are you a little too afraid to make a move that you finally gave up hope?

Then it’s time for you to act now and work with the best Pittsburgh Dating Coach to help increase your charisma and sex appeal to girls. Tony Robbins, Warren Buffet, Donald Trump, Oprah and many other successful individuals all around the globe have mentors.

One can be the best he can be if he knows his potentials.

Going on a date with your dream lady is some thing you deserve. The service offered by a Pittsburgh Dating Coach is specialized on the personality and situation of a particular person.

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Love Wire lets you voice your personality and make instant, genuine connections.