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Surface exposure age dating requires intensive chemistry.Our samples are now pre-treated at the University of Canterbury.One of the most promising approaches to this task is the quantitative investigation of ESP from the past to the present, and to apply the insight to current and future environmental challenges.The leading technique to realize this is the application of terrestrial cosmogenic nuclide.

She now believes that we must take the Bible literally whenever possible.The LDEO Cosmogenic Nuclide Group develops terrestrial cosmogenic nuclide techniques and applies those as chronometers and tracers in the Earth Sciences.Terrestrial cosmogenic nuclides are produced by interactions between secondary cosmic rays and near surface rocks.The rate at which they do so will depend on a number of factors, including: If we take all the relevant factors into account, and calculate, estimate, or simply measure the amount of cosmic rays a given rock is exposed to per year, and if we measure the quantities of the cosmogenic isotopes in a sample of the rock, then we can figure out how long the rock has been exposed.The quantity of the relevant isotopes in the rock will not simply grow without limit with longer and longer exposure to cosmic rays; rather they will tend towards a maximum (a secular equilibrium): the point at which the cosmogenic cosmogenic production of unstable isotopes is equaled by their destruction by decay.

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Many of these processes occur so rapidly and unexpectedly that they have daunting consequences.