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I always put the latest information on the home page because when I get behind I am overwhelmed with phone calls and emails.

This will take me a lot longer as I am distracted all day hence that I have to resort to not answering the phone.

Corgi Toys (trademark) is the name of a range of die-cast toy vehicles produced by Mettoy Playcraft Ltd. The Mettoy (Metal Toy) company was founded in 1933 by German émigré Philip Ullmann in Northampton, England, where he was later joined by South African-born German Arthur Katz, who had previously worked for Ulmann at his toy company Tipp and Co of Nuremberg.

They decided to market a range of toy vehicles as competition to Meccano's Dinky Toys model vehicles, which had dominated the British market for many years.

And while we're still a couple of months out from the first round of Android flagship announcements, it's time to start the new year with an important resolution: In 2017, it's time to stop buying flagship phones with 32 gigabytes of storage.

The most obvious reason to insist on 64GB or more is that the stuff on your phone is getting bigger, and not all of this can be offloaded to an SD card (if that option is even available).

Hard copies can be ordered with number 6ES7810-4CA08-8BW1. There’s gold in that website if you just do a little digging!Changes to the way storage works in phones which ship with Nougat, combined with larger app sizes and more common 64GB models, means you should think twice before buying a 32GB flagship.A new year brings with it the certainty of new high-end phones to get all hot and bothered about.I make my parts to be more efficient to get more shots and to get the power nearer the legal limit.Prices include the post for the UKYou do not need to add post if you are in the UK.

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Corgi Toys were introduced in the UK in July 1956 and were manufactured in Swansea, Wales, for twenty seven years before the company went into liquidation.

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