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Old Spice Man also initiated contact with celebrity influencers, including George Stephanopoulos, Alyssa Milano, Rose Mc Gowan, and Kevin Rose, who, not coincidentally, happen to have large Twitter followings.The Internet went wild as people found out they could talk directly to the man who could ride a horse backward and catch a birthday cake while sawing through a kitchen.As soon as a bare-chested Mustafa finished gliding around from one paperback-romance scenario to another, reassuring women that even if their man didn’t look like him, they could smell like him if they stopped using lady-scented body wash, millions of people rewound their DVRs and watched the ad again. Then they started talking about it on Facebook and Twitter and making spoof videos on You Tube.Thanks to the TV ad, millions of people–women, especially–now felt something for Isaiah Mustafa, and were linking his manly abs to the Old Spice brand.

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Old Spice’s Legendary Man returns armed with the valuable life experience that comes with exploding in a rocket car and being financially crippled by whale sunglasses. Introducing the new Old Spice Hair Care and Styling Product ... Well, in the Old Spice world, nothing is newer than Shave Gel – the latest and greatest product offering from the iconic men's grooming brand, providing guys with the best shave possible. Reviving classic jingle-based soap television creative from yesteryear, Old Spice demonstrates how guys can wash their body the manly way, with manly scented bar soap to the tune of an extremely masculine, ...

According to his new adventures, he took those valuable lessons on board, pondered them and then quickly flushed them down the toilet. Muscle Surprise is Old Spice’s invitation to look deep inside yourself, to the very core of your being, and take stock of the delicate fabric of life and banana bread. Nature continues to amaze human beings even in the age of time computers and medicines. Hired to support the launch of Old Spice Wild Collection, Mr.

" He also customized videos for a string of celebrity admirers, including Ashton Kutcher, Ellen De Generes, Ryan Seacrest, blogger Perez Hilton and Olympian Apollo Ohno.

First, it started with outstanding content, spoofing every stereotype of masculinity they could come up with through clever writing and picture-perfect casting.

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Everyone's favorite shirtless pitchman took the Internet by storm Tuesday in a viral ad campaign for Old Spice, soliciting fans for questions and dispensing personalized video responses in the uniquely absurd style that has made him a national treasure.

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