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She was the first Russian woman to command a military unit.

Maria Frolkova was born to a peasant family in the Nikolsko, Russia in July 1889. Her father was a sergeant in the imperial army who fought in the Russo-Turkish War.

Vladivostok is a beautiful city, in sort of an old funky kind of way, that sits along Golden Horn Bay, which is the home of the Russian Pacific Fleet.

Because of fears of spying the whole area was closed to international visitors until 1992, well except for some very quiet American submariners who occasionally slipped into the adjacent waters, but for the most part very few foreigners have visited Vladivostok.

At the outbreak of World War I in 1914, Bochkareva left Buk and returned to Tomsk.

If you are clean, nice, and a little classy you can still get treated like an absolute rock star in some of the large provincial cities.

There's nothing wrong with the occasional blast from the past; what makes his presence in ablaze when Fiennes was in his prime as the go-to guy for aristocratic angst.

Fiennes' superficial turn (in more ways than one, as his lines ended up overdubbed by a Russian voice actor) is hampered more by circumstances than ability: rather than playing on the multiple possibilities underlining Turgenev's once-transgressive comedy of manners, actress-turned-filmmaker Vera Glagoleva's 21 century take is a po-faced, straitjacketed affair, as she (and her screenwriters Svetlana Grudovich and Olga Pogodina-Kuzima) play out the entangled relationships as excessively affected period drama.

That's the primary tourism value of Vladivostok, that so few people have ever visited, but it does have a lot of great architecture, a few museums, and some very hot women.

So, the women in Vladivostok might not be desperate, but they certainly don't have the opportunities that ladies in some of the more heavily visited cities in European Russia have.

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