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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's political strategist Paul Manafort (L) speaks with former Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson as they arrive for a Trump for President reception April 21, 2016.

(Getty) Paul Manafort, the adviser hired by Donald Trump to add stability and institutional know-how to Trump’s often scattershot presidential campaign, has long and deep reported ties to pro-Russian politicians in Ukraine.

Officially, Manafort advised Akhmetov in 2005 on a corporate communication strategy for one of his companies, System Capital Management.

Akhmetov, however, also was a supporter of Viktor Yanukovych, the country’s prime minister, a leader of the Party of Regions and an ally of Vladimir Putin.

The revolution also masked the divide between European-oriented western and central Ukraine and Russian-oriented southern and eastern Ukraine.

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Thirty of the victims died of smoke inhalation after a fire was set in the central trade union building, where pro-Russia separatists reportedly had taken up sniper positions to fire on pro-unity demonstrators, police said.

A clash Friday between supporters of Ukrainian unity and Russian-backed separatists in the Black Sea port of Odessa left 42 people dead and scores injured, police said.

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Ukraine has failed to resolve its internal divisions and build strong political institutions, hampering its ability to implement economic reforms.

In the decade following independence, successive presidents allowed oligarchs to gain increasing control over the economy while repression against political opponents intensified.

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About 1,500 supporters of the embattled government in Kiev, the Ukrainian capital, held a march Friday evening to denounce attempts by pro-Russia militants to wrest control of Ukrainian territory in the country's east and south.

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